About Us

We believe that our health depends on the right decisions.
We want to inspire these decisions by helping you take charge of your healthy lifestyle and well-being.
Our products combine innovative formulas and selected raw materials composed based on
the latest scientific research and in compliance with strict production standards.

Your health is and will continue to be a priority for us.

What makes us special?

We have created LABS212® to make your choice of a supplement not a compromise but an informed decision. Our mission is to make you become and stay healthy effortlessly in a way that is easy to understand, and, above all, safe.

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Innovative formulations


Uncompromising selection of raw materials

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Ingredients with the best absorption


Strict production standards

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Batch-to-batch testing

Piktogram ZERO WASTE

Zero waste

Why have so many customers
already trusted us?

Our Customers appreciate our unique approach and, most of all, our products simply work!

Each of our supplements is brought to life in response to our Patients’ needs. At the production stage, we analyse the available scientific research and then choose meticulously selected substances and raw materials. Next, we verify certifications and check clinical trials of patented ingredients paying attention to the quality of raw material carriers. Finally, the finished product is manufactured. Laboratory testing is another stage we attach great importance to subjecting the final product of each batch to analysis.


Clean Formula

Transparent and safe composition.

When developing our products, great attention is paid not only to the active substances but also to the fillers that are linked to the production technology.

We guarantee:

  • clear and reliable product information labelling,
  • safe and proven constituents,
  • the traceability of our raw materials,
  • fibre and amino acid fillers,
  • no colouring agents, no artificial preservatives,
  • titanium dioxide-free, and ethylene oxide-free products,
  • products free of substances harmful to health.