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    LABS212® experts select the constituents of the supplements based on the most recent scientific publications, always keeping in mind the interactions of the substances. We aim to achieve the best possible bioactivity of the formulation.

    Each of the raw materials is analysed in terms of its certification, patents, origin and manufacturing methods, as well as the carriers, i.e. the substances on which they are based or which are used to produce them. We pay particular attention to every single parameter, not just the active constituents.

    LABS212® supplements are developed based on biologically active forms of vitamins, minerals, health-promoting substances and highly standardised extracts. Interaction between all the components is always taken into account. Our products are free from inorganic forms of minerals.

    To deliver the highest quality product, our cooperation partners are selected with great care, making sure they are GMP-, ISO-, or HACCP-certified and deliver the highest standards. Each factory is subject to regular audits.

    Each batch we produce undergoes a series of laboratory tests for quality and purity in independent, accredited laboratories.

    Out of concern for our impact on the environment, we use glass packaging and recycled materials to limit the use of plastic to a minimum; we are constantly looking for new and more environmentally friendly forms of packaging to be implemented in our products.

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