ALLmag® - LABS212

    Dietary supplement


    Magnesium complex

    Gwiazdka Gwiazdka Gwiazdka Gwiazdka Gwiazdka


    • Blend of three organic magnesium forms of high absorption

    • Vitamins B: B1, B2, B5, B6

    • Comprehensive support for the nervous system

    • Tested microbiologically, for heavy metals and ethylene oxide

    • Servings per container: 30

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    Magnesium is found in combination with organic or inorganic salts. To be absorbed effectively, the magnesium salt must first dissolve and release Mg2+ ions (the so-called free form). The human requirement refers to magnesium cations (Mg2+) and not to the entire compound found in the product. The mineral salt content specified on some labels is not the same as the ion content. Magnesium compounds differ in their molar mass and percentage magnesium content (as Mg2 ions). To illustrate:

    • Depending on the type of raw material, magnesium malate can contain 11% magnesium ions, i.e. in 1 gram of magnesium citrate, there are 111 mg Mg2+.

    The percentage values are always specified in the raw material certificates and may vary. Above are examples of the most common molar masses.

    The issue of magnesium intake optimal time is quite complicated, as there are 2 schools. Magnesium can have a stimulating or calming effect, depending on its form, but also the demand or deficiencies in the body. We recommend that you find your own optimal intake time, whether in the morning, during the day or in the evening.

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