Privacy Policy

The Policy applies to the users of website. This Policy lays down the principles for collecting and using the data you provide directly or which are collected through cookies and similar technologies.

Data Controller and contact information.

The Controller of the data collected in connection with the use of the Website is LABS212 SPÓŁKA Z OGRANICZONĄ ODPOWIEDZIALNOŚCIĄ based in Łódź tel. 459560063 e-mail In matters relating to the processing of your data by the Controller, you can contact us at the above address details.

Information that LABS12 Sp. z o.o collects

  1. This Website enables you to contact the Controller and provide them with your identification
    and contact details, as well as details related to your message.
  2. The Controller collects data related to your activity, such as time spent on the site, search
    terms, number of pages viewed, date and source of the visit.

Data sources

  1. If you have contacted the Controller, your data have been provided to us directly from you.
  2. If your data have been provided in connection with the processing of the specific case by the
    person who referred that case to the Controller, the source of the data is that person. In such a
    case, the Controller receives identification, address and case-related data, such as a description
    of the case.

The purpose and legal basis for the personal data processing.

Your data may be processed to

  1. Analyse network traffic, ensure Website security and adapt its content to users’ needs
    based on the legitimate interest pursued by the Controller (Article 6(1)(f) GDPR);
  2. Provide answers to your questions, forward the requested offer and run correspondence
    to finalise the case at issue based on your consent and the legitimate interest pursued by
    the Controller involving the fulfilment of users’ requests (Article 6(1)(a) and (f) GDPR).

The right to withdraw your consent

You may withdraw your consent to the processing of your contact data at any time by contacting
the Controller. If you withdraw your consent, it may be difficult or impossible for us to contact you.

Mandatory or voluntary provision of data

  1. The provision of data to process your case is voluntary but necessary. If you do not provide
    the data, it may be difficult or impossible to handle the case.
  2. The provision of data necessary for the statistical analysis of users of the Website is voluntary.
    You may use the so-called incognito mode to browse the Website without providing the
    Controller with information about your visit. When in incognito mode, which means that you do
    not provide your data, you can still use the Website.

Rights under GDPR concerning the processed data

You have the right to:

● request access to and a copy of your data from the Controller (Article 15 GDPR);
● request the Controller to rectify or correct your data when you notice that the data is
inaccurate or incomplete (Article 16 GDPR);
● request the Controller to erase your data (Article 17 GDPR);
● request the Controller to restrict processing (Article 18 GDPR), e.g. if you notice that your
data is incorrect, you can request that we restrict the processing of your data for a period
that allows us to verify the correctness of the data;
● lodge a complaint about the processing of your personal data by the Controller to the
President of the Personal Data Protection Office.

Recipients of your personal data

The recipients of your personal data may only be entities that are authorised to receive them
under the law. Your data may also be made available to couriers, postal operators, hosting and
mail server providers and warehouse staff.
Storage limitation

Your personal data will be stored until you withdraw your consent or until your case has been
finalised, and thereafter until the expiry of the limitation period for claims by the parties relating to
the processing of your case.

Network traffic analysis data collected through cookies and similar technologies may be stored
until the cookie expires. Some cookies never expire and therefore the data will be stored as long
as it is necessary for the Controller to achieve the purposes of data collection, such as ensuring
security and analysing historical data related to website traffic.

Transfer of data to a third country or international organisation
Use of cookies and similar technologies

The Website allows the collection of information about the user through cookies and similar
technologies, the use of which usually involves the installation of this tool on the user’s device
(computer, smartphone, etc.). This information is used to remember user decisions (contrast
colour settings or font size, policy acceptance), maintain user sessions (e.g. after logging in),
remember passwords (upon your consent), and collect information about the user’s device and
their visit for security purposes, and to analyse visits and adapt the content accordingly.

Information obtained through cookies and similar technologies is not linked to other data of the
Website users and is not used to identify them by the Controller.

You have an option to set your browser to block certain types of cookies and other technologies,
for example, by specifying that only those necessary for the correct display of the website will be
allowed. By default, most browsers allow all cookies, but you can change these settings at any
time and delete any cookies already installed. Each browser allows this through one of the
options available in the settings or preferences.

You also have the option to use the website in the so-called incognito mode, which blocks the
collection of data about your visit.

If you use the Website without changing your browser settings, i.e. with the default acceptance of
cookies and similar technologies, you consent to their use for the purposes specified above. The
Controller will not use the information obtained for marketing purposes.